Democratizing liberty through
mindfulness and conscious time management

— our mission —

By creating efficient and accessible mindfulness-based time-management tools, we contribute to democratizing liberty. A free person is one who masters both his or her time and resources. By also developing qualities of the heart and abilities of the mind, a free person is likely to attain a balanced lifestyle while contributing to the collective wellbeing.

The Aranatha Society intends to become a leader in mindfulness-based time-management technology.

We developed the MeoTempo life agenda, which is available on the App Store. Our humanistic approach is based on mindfulness. And the use of the MeoTempo life agenda comes with (public or corporate-based) workshops.

The company was working behind the scenes until recently, and is now being promoted both locally and internationally.

Aranatha was founded in 2010 by Pierre Marcotte, an engineer who also teaches yoga.

Let's change the world
by making better choices

Mindfulness-based time management teaching
is funded by the income from MeoTempo sales.